Broome Discovery

My first time north of Perth, I was interested to see for myself if Broome was worth the hype - I wasn’t disappointed.

I was fortunate enough to do a 4 night trip to Broome in May 2018 and I was so pleased to be able to explore our own wonderful country.

I stayed at 4 hotels in 4 nights and was pleasantly surprised by the diversity and relaxed resort feel they all had.  One day we drove an hour out of Broome to Eco Beach and stayed at the Ramada Eco Beach Resort with all villa and tented accommodation.  We caught our own bait and did some river and ocean fishing, swam and did SUP in the warm sea and enjoyed exploring the coastline.  Back in Broome we did a whale watching boat trip that I highly recommend even if it’s not the whale migration season.  We still saw beluga and several dolphin species.  A trip to a pearl farm is a must as it’s an important part of the Broome history and economy.  It’s good fun as well as educational and I highly recommend a helicopter trip as it’s worth the money. It’s touristy but the iconic sunset camel walk is popular for a reason and good fun.

I only touched the surface on my short trip but with direct Qantas flights from Melbourne a 4 day Broome escape is a good alternative to QLD or even Bali with some lovely resorts and plenty of activities for those who want to remain active.  Stay longer if you can and add a Kimberley adventure, there are itineraries for every type of traveller.

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