National Geographic Expeditions

From the iceberg-scattered bays of Antarctica to the awe-inspiring Galápagos Islands, these small-ship expeditions - operated through an alliance with Lindblad Expeditions - bring you to some of the most remote and pristine places on the planet.

You travel in the company of a team of experts: photographers, marine biologists, historians, and naturalists who are passionate about the places you encounter. You discover places you can't reach by road, venture into pristine wildernesses, and travel by Zodiac to remote islands.

Flexibility is built into each itinerary, to take advantage of spontaneous opportunities that arise - following a pod of orcas, for example, or participating in a local festival. The nimble ships are designed to navigate narrow waterways, rugged coasts, and small harbours that larger vessels cannot reach, bringing you closer to wildlife and wild places as you explore by kayak, snorkel, and cutting-edge technology.

Why National Geographic Expeditions?
• Purpose built ship to explore locations that larger ships cannot access.

• Ability to visit small communities without overwhelming them and explore sensitive environments like Antarctica without overloading them.

• Zodiacs, an integral feature of expedition cruising are the ideal crafts for shore landings.

• Onboard and onshore experiences are enhanced by our qualified expert expedition team and specialist guest speakers.

• Comfort, luxury and style onboard. High standard of accommodation across all staterooms and suites. Exceptional service. Facilities include wellness centre and a National Geographic-Lindblad certified photography instructor.

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