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Group Travel

Our experience in facilitating group travel for business ranges from arrangements for government delegations travelling overseas to last minute travel for ad executives to film a commercial.

We particularly love designing unique and inspiring travel experiences for groups who are interested in leisure travel. This could be a multi generational trip such as one we recently organised through Canada for one of our clients and their family. Another group choose a destination every two years and we are in the middle of designing an amazing trip through Turkey for them.

Some of our groups have a common interest such as golf. We can put together exclusive trips with our knowledge and expertise to arrange the perfect golf holiday.
Some of our experience
Aurora has handled the group travel requirements for the following:-

• The 2008 Melbourne Jazz festival which involved moving artists and their entourage from all over the world to Melbourne (and Sydney) for various performances.

• The 2008 and 2010 Australia – Israel Cultural Exchange government delegation to Israel which involved handling the travel requirements for government ministers, senators, business leaders and journalists.

• Meetings and conference requirements are handled in-house without the use of a PCO (Professional Conference Organiser).
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