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APT European River Cruising

Relax aboard one of APT's luxury river ships where you unpack only once & enjoy your floating boutique hotel. Take an extraordinary journey along iconic waterways and wake up each morning in a new place, ready to discover new sights.

This is a magic means of discovery. Call us to find out about the fabulous destinations you too could experience.

Why APT?

• All inclusive value - including airport transfers and sightseeing.

• Exclusive, well appointed spacious suites with all the comforts of home - including personal computer and WiFi access.

• Superb onboard dining at 8 different setings, with open seating for all dining.

• Facilites such as pool or whirlpool, fitness centre & sauna, spa, bar open 24 hours, lounges and libraries and nightly entertainment in the showroom.

• Comprehensive sightseeing program with unique cultural experiences. Choice of activity levels and sightseeing tours for late risers. Bicycles on board with guided bicycle tours.

• APT are the most awarded and innovative luxury cruise operator on Europe's waterways. Click here to find out why.
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